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President's Report

Please congratulate our new IFMA Central Ohio officers for the 2019 fiscal year: Todd Kise - President, Brian Leach - Vice President, Lisa Schultz - Secretary, and Diane VanDyne - Treasurer. As we congratulate them, I want to say a big thank you to Matt Butterworth, the Immediate President, who did a terrific job and it will be hard pressed to fill his shoes. I would also like to thank all the Committee Board members for their time and efforts to get tours, events and programs scheduled. At the same time, if anyone is interested in a committee role please email the committee member or inquire through the website at

A couple things to note from IFMA International:

  *   Reviewed priorities in the 2021 strategic plan, which includes four focus areas:
          *   Building strategic alliances that advance the interests of IFMA and our members
          *   Change management to support the association and industry
          *   Refining our approach to providing FM educational content
          *   Accessing the building technology market through BETA (more on BETA below)

  *   Approved a change in governance for IFMA credentials, separating oversight of the CFM certification from the FMP and SFP certificate programs. This will allow IFMA to pursue accreditation for the CFM from the American National Standards Institute (IFMA is already accredited by ANSI for the FMP and SFP).

  *   The International Credentials Commission is now called the Certificate Commission and oversees the FMP and SFP Scheme Committees. The CFM Scheme Committee is now called the Certification Commission. The two commissions are equal, independent bodies.

  *   The Built Environment Technology Association (BETA), chaired by board member Darrell Smith, is developing business and execution plans. While BETA works to refine its path forward, staff member Chris Leake has resumed operating responsibility for IFMA's Knowledge Library.

  *   Beginning Oct. 1, 2018, the base rate for IFMA membership will be US$219 per year for professionals and associates and US$139 for young professionals.

For most of us, the 2018 budget season is closing fast, so make sure you're getting your projects completed on time and on budget. It's also time to start thinking about 2019 budgets, so be sure to start planning now, so you have all the information you need long before budgets are due. Since President Trump is putting pressure on tariffs, make sure you put a contingency in your budget to account for increases in material costs.

Thank you for your participation in IFMA Central Ohio and as always, if you have an idea for a program or tour, please let us know at

Todd Kise, CFM, SFP

President, IFMA Central Ohio


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Calendar of Events

Below are our upcoming programs, tours, events and community service opportunities.  Please plan on attending as many of these as you can.

Webinar: Are Your Ready for the FMP? Register for this Webinar to Learn More!- August 19th 2-2:30pm

Take the next step in your career by increasing your FM knowledge, enhancing your skills and gaining immediate credibility with employers, clients and peers with IFMA’s Facility Management Professional™(FMP).

Program: Industrial Internet of Things and Tour: The Point at Otterbein University (Date and Time to be Confirmed)- September 5th  4-6pm

Come get the 411 on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as tour Otterbein University's experiential learning facility: The Point!

Third-Party Event- The Blue Books Who's Who Showcase- October 9th  1-5pm

Plan on attending the Blue Book's Who's Who Showcase on Tuesday, October 9th from 1pm-5pm at the Hollywood Casino.

Central Ohio Facilities Maintenance Expo- October 11th  7:30am-2pm

Programs to be determined, but plan on stopping by the IFMA Central Ohio booth!

Keeping up with Code Changes and Preventative Maintenance- October 11th  7:30-9am

While at the Central Ohio Facilities Maintenance Expo, learn about the new code changes that will impact you and your operation, as well as some preventative maintenance tips to help your organization save money.

How to Advance in Facility Management- October 11th  12-1pm

While at the Central Ohio Facilities Maintenance Expo, learn about how to advance your career in Facility Management with IFMA Credentials

ResQ24 Tour, Demonstrations and Happy Hour- October 18th  4-7pm

In follow-up to National Preparedness month in September, the Program Committee is working with ResQ24 to put together a tour and demonstrations relating to an emergency situation: water damage.  

2018 IFMA Central Ohio Membership Drive Event- November 8th  4-9pm

Plan on attending the 2018 IFMA Central Ohio Membership Drive and have a chance to win Michigan/Ohio State football tickets!

Facility Manager Roundtable- November 14th  11:30am-1pm

Have an issue or a project you don't know how to attack? Want to get some advice before you recreate the wheel? Come talk to FM's that can help you with your problem/project.

Tour- Lake Shore Cryotronics- January 15th  4-5:30pm

Plan on checking out what's going on at Lake Shore Cryotronics!

Tour- Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University- March 7th 4-5:30pm

Come check out one of Ohio State Universities more interesting facilities: the Artic ice storage facility


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Program Recap

In 2011, after IFMA launched the book “Work on the Move,” interest and momentum surrounding workplace issues began to accelerate. Topics like design, cross-sector trends, mobility in the workplace, performance metrics, communication, and more were the focus of increased interest along with deep debate and discussion. 

This momentum lead IFMA International to host the Workplace Strategy Summit at Cornell University in the fall of 2012. There, global workplace leaders along with more than 170 attendees came together to review effective workplace strategies, and to discuss the evidence needed to back up these practices. Those in attendance knew immediately from this gathering and conversation that the timing for a significant Workplace Community had arrived.

And thus WE (or Workplace Evolutionaries) was born.

To date, HUBs – or local chapters – exist throughout the U.S. including Chicago, New York, Portland, St. Louis, California, and more.  International HUBs are located in Finland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Vienna, the U.K., and more. 

The new WE Columbus HUB held its inaugural event Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at M+A Architects in the Grandview Yard in order to bring revolutionary ideas to Ohio, connecting various sectors in the workplace to help stimulate workplace innovation. 

The introductory event focused on technology and the latest trends in conference rooms, huddle spaces, and throughout the workplace.  More than two dozen attendees – some members of the Central Ohio IFMA Chapter already – took part in the “plug-and-play” event.

“Evolutionaries are people who help make change happen—people who lead systems, companies, industries, communities and nations through transformative change,” says the WE website.  “You often find Evolutionaries hidden inside organizations, they’re opinion leaders who make things happen even though their role may be on the periphery. But there are times when they need to be empowered and more central. Because of a sea change in the workplace, WE believe that time is now.”

Of course, effective communication is key to workplace success.  And today, technology plays a big role in connecting people around the country and around the world.  With the help of Michael Young of Radiant Technology, attendees at the inaugural July event were able to explore ways technology enhances communication and collaboration in the workplace.  Those in attendance were given a “Passport” to assist in their exploration, aiding in the navigation throughout four different spaces inside the M+A Architects’ offices. 

First, the groups began their “journey” in a huddle room where small, intimate conversations and meetings occur.  It’s a great place to connect, share and collaborate. Not all meetings require a big conference room, so the huddle room is designed for small groups of two to three employees to share their ideas.  Young explained the various technologies available including wireless video displays, audio devices, personal devices, and camera capability.  Key, according to Young, is keeping the technology simple so that it can be easily accessible and useful to all employees.  If technology is too complicated, it will not be utilized – and thus communication and collaboration compromised.

Next, the group was taken to a conference room setting where the use of technology increased – but should still remain simple, said Young.  In addition, good audio is imperative in a conference room setting because of its size.  “An environment like this is too big for simple audio technology that just involves a speaker phone… If you don’t have good audio in a room of this size, you are going to have a bad experience,” said Young.  He demonstrated a number of different audio and video technologies – all wireless.

The group then moved on down the hall to another collaborative space inside the M+A Architects’ offices, this time to experience digital signage and to discuss its benefits in the workplace.  Digital displays advertise corporate messages, safety alerts, key performance indicators, and visually delivers data in a real-time message to customers and employees.  These messages allow employees to collaborate, inspire them to increase goals, and more.  In other words, along with helping with the day-to-day operations of a facility, digital signage informs, influences and empowers decisions.  “Taylor it to what you want,” said Young.  “And be sure its interactive.”

Finally, attendees ended their “journey” in another large conference room where Yong discussed scheduling panels.  Intuitive scheduling panels can display when meetings are underway, when rooms are in use, sense when an employee walks into the room in order to turn on lights and technology, and can connect and track meetings for the most efficient use of space. 

While the WE event began with some light refreshments and plenty of networking, it ended in the same fashion – along with a number of drawings for some “cool swag” donated by sponsors. 

Due to the tremendous response to WE over the past few years, IFMA has officially made WE a Community within the International organization.  A yearly membership with WE is only $55 for Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members. 

For more information and to join, visit


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Committee Help Needed

Are you looking for a way to network with your fellow IFMA Central Ohio members and get more involved with the Chapter? 

The Committees in IFMA Central Ohio are what makes the Chapter operate efficiently and effectively.  We have a number of committees that need your help:

Programs- This committee selects, schedules and coordinates the monthly programs and tours for the Chapter. The Committee endeavors to help members increase their knowledge and expertise in facility management related topics. This is accomplished by providing programs and tours that bring to the forefront topics of facility management that pertain to the working environment.  

If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Kelly Waters (614-736-9007 or or Jacque Adams (614-448-6153 or 

Membership- This Committee promotes membership growth and retention by providing new member recruiting events and encouraging new and current members to be involved in chapter events and activities. The committee also conducts quarterly new member events, as well as assists in welcoming/registering attendees at Chapter programs, tours and events.

If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Lisa Schultz (614-205-8996 or or Steve Bauman (614-282-3152 or 

Thank you for your time and we hope you can increase your participation in IFMA Central Ohio by joining a committee or two.


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Sponsors of the Month

A special thanks to our sponsor's of the month: Perry's Window Cleaning and TP Mechanical.  

Because of these sponsors, IFMA Central Ohio can offer a wide variety of free educational programs and tours, as well as community service opportunities, for our members.


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Membership Drive Event

The 2018 Membership Drive event is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th from 4-7pm at Ten Pin Alley in Hilliard.

Everyone in attendance will be entered into a drawing for a set of Michigan/Ohio State football tickets.

Stay tuned for more information so you don't miss out on this great event!


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IFMA Credential Spotlight

Now that we've tabulated the results from the IFMA Central Ohio Credential Survey, we're working on scheduling a meeting or two to get the other members that are interested in getting the same credential as you together to start the process.   

In an effort to try to get everyone together, IFMA Central Ohio is hosting the 'How to Advance Your Career' program at 12-1pm during the Central Ohio Facilities Maintenance Expo on Thursday, October 11th at the Fawcett Center at The Ohio State University.  

If you weren't able to complete the survey, but are still interested in getting an IFMA credential (CFM, FMP and/or SFP), please feel free to contact the Board at and we can include you on the group email list.  

Finally, we're currently working with IFMA International to see about bringing a credential course or two to Columbus.  Please keep an eye out for more information on this exciting and expedious way to obtain your desired IFMA credential.  


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IFMA Central Ohio Rewards Program

The 2018 IFMA Central Ohio Rewards program for members is in full swing and it's not too late to get points by attending IFMA programs, tours, events and community service activities during 2018.

Make sure you attend as many IFMA events as possible to earn points for a chance to win $500 that can be used for educational opportunities: (World WorkPlace, Facility Fusion or other events) or pursuing professional designations certifications (Facility Management Professional (FMP), Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP), Certified Facility Manager (CFM), for example).  Members earn points by attending programs, tours and events, so make sure to attend as many IFMA events as you can by November 30th. 

The winners of the 2018 IFMA Central Ohio Rewards program will be announced during the Annual State of the Union Luncheon in December 2018.

More information on the Rewards program can be found at:IFMA Central Ohio Rewards Program


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Chapter Scholarship Information

The Central Ohio Chapter of IFMA Scholarship program is designed for members to pursue credentials and certifications, degrees in facility management or related fields, as well as to attend World Workplace or Facility Fusion.  

In conjunction with the Rewards Program, the scholarship eligibility period starts December 1st and runs through November 30th.  Members earn points by attending programs, facility tours, events and community service activities.  Extra points are awarded if you attend World Workplace, Facility Fusion, are an active committee member or recruit additional professional members.  

Information on how you can qualify for a scholarship and an application form can be found here.


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